Come to the Cabaret

With help from long-standing relationships with performers in the Chicago area and a reputation for great live acts, the group behind Martini Park has been running a successful Monday night act called “Life is a Cabaret Mondays” since mid-July of this year.

“It’s been steadily growing since it was established,” says Josh Hauer, general manager of Martini Park. “The biggest bonus to this night is that it has helped build our brand within areas of Chicago that may not have known all that we have to offer.”

What the venue offers is a combination of friendly staff, great food options, signature cocktails and live performances, and the Monday night act incorporates all of the above. Skyy Vodka is a brand sponsor.

“Our staff helps out first via providing outstanding service with a lot of extra attention to details,” Hauer continues. “They also mix up the cocktails. We have three featured, all incorporating Skyy, for that evening. They are priced at $7 each.” Additionally, local performers are brought in to entertain the crowd.

The event is marketed on, through Martini Park’s internal marketing team, in selected publications and also with invites handed out by the staff members each week.

“It’s been such a success, we have no plans to change anything and no end date in sight,” says Hauer.

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