Club Within A Club Burns Bright

It’s hard for nightclubs to stay fresh. Enormous build-outs only remain vibrant and “new” to guests for so long. Stingaree in San Diego Stingareereinvented itself this year by adding GuestHouse, a new spot within the club for revelers to party in elite comfort and style.

The spot’s one-of-a-kind lighting system installed by AV Concepts keeps the atmosphere as fresh as opening night. Operated by a texture-mapping projection system, the lighting system adds detail or surface textures through 3-D projected graphics. The system turns GuestHouse’s walls into a massive digital canvas by creating a custom 90-foot-wide, seamlessly mapped and blended projection surface that covers about 75% of the massive wall space. Thanks to the system, the owners can transform the look and feel of Stingaree from minute to minute.

“We have gotten an incredible response from patrons when they come into GuestHouse and see the texture-mapping system,” Stingaree Owner James Brennan remarks. “The technology gives us the opportunity to transform the room into whatever we want it to be — from a flock of birds flying across the room to a 90-foot LED — it is different from anything that you see in this market. If big-name DJs come in and want to bring their own content, we can incorporate it. If there’s an event going on and we want to showcase partner logos, we can incorporate those. We can go so far as even playing Wii on the system if a client really wanted to. It’s that versatile.”

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