Celebrate National Sangria Day by Making Your Own

December 20th is considered to be National Sangria Day. It’s a day set aside to honor the great beverage that originated in Spain, yet appeals to people around the world. Sangria not only tastes great and pleases a crowd, but is easier to make than one may think. It’s also quite affordable!

“Many people in America are familiar with the concept of a spiked punch,” says Ryan Fichter, Executive Chef of Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge. “Sangria is like that, only better. It takes punch to a whole new, better level that people love.”

Sangria is a drink that originated in Spain and is available worldwide. Its name comes from the Spanish word sangre, which means blood, representing the drink’s crimson color. Sangria is typically made with a blend of red wine, spirits such as brandy, and fresh chopped fruit. There are variations on making the drink, depending on personal taste preferences.

Try this delicious recipe for sangria at your holiday celebration this month:

Red Sangria Recipe
from Chef Ryan Fichter, 
Executive Chef of Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge

2 bottles red wine
3 oz brandy
3 oz Licor 43 (Cuarenta Y Tres)
1/2 cup lime juice
1/2 cup lemon juice
apples diced
2 oranges sliced
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Core and dice apples, slice oranges into rings. In the bottom of the vessel in which you choose to serve your sangria, place
half of the orange slices on the bottom, then apples and oranges on top. Pour a small portion of red wine, then add both the brandy
and Licor 43, as well as the lemon and lime juices at that time. Add cinnamon and place into fridge, allowing mixture to soak into 
the fruit until absorbed but not saturated. Add the remaining red wine and stir. Ice and additional juice to taste.

“This sangria recipe is great to serve at a festive party, as well as at a nice brunch,” added Fichter. “Your guests will think you have spent a lot of time preparing this drink because it is just that good. Celebrate this month, with Sangria. Olé!”


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