Can You Spell aLatitudinarian?a

That was a question recently asked inside a bar in Boston. To say Bleacher Bar is unique is an understatement. The bar opened in May, and it is located under the centerfield bleachers in Fenway Park in Boston. Twelve-by-twelve-foot glass windows give guests a great view on game day, and you don’t even need a ticket to the game to watch because they have outside access to the stadium, says GM Ryan Jones.

But the venue needed a way to boost attendance outside of Red Sox season. So on Thursdays, the bar hosts weekly spelling bee challenges that run from 8:30-10:30 p.m. There is a lightning round to start, and three more rounds narrow down a winner, who receives a choice of tickets in the Green Monster section at Fenway or a day lift pass for a nearby ski resort.

“Our host comes up with the words, and he will use it in a sentence that makes fun of people in the crowd,” Jones explains. “We have the big numbers to put around everyone’s neck, and we have a microphone for guests to spell into and a guy who does sound effects on a computer when you get something wrong.”

Rolling Rock is the nightly sponsor, priced at $3 a bottle. The brand provides the venue with the ski lift tickets, and the Red Sox provide the Green Monster standing room tickets for the games.

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