Bringing Back The Beatles

Singing and dancing is encouraged at New York City’s new venue, Rockography. The Greenwich Village restaurant and bar, which opened in March, blasts the classic-rock tunes that have captured the hearts of music lovers for decades. The rockin’ bar’s brunch promo is sure to capture them for months or even years to come. Rockography

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Brunch With The Beatles delights fans of the Fab Four with unlimited Champagne and bottomless Bellinis and Mimosas for $18, while Kumamoto oyster shooters with Grey Goose Le Citron are $14 each. Other brunch delights include Way Over Stuffed French Toast, featuring brioche, chocolate cream, strawberry jam and rum-spiked syrup ($14), as well as the Deep Fried PB&J, made with crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam, and served with an old-school pint of milk ($9).

“This brunch was created out of a love of The Beatles music and the vast catalog they created over the decade that they were together,” explains Kelley Jones, one of the partners of Trust3 Hospitality, a hospitality-management firm. “We are projecting an average check for brunch [food only] to be around $16 to $17 per person.”

The venue promotes the brunch in-house via check-presenters and in the neighborhood with window banners and street teams.

Jones says his only worry is that guests might camp out for as long as the liquor is flowing. Good thing singing and dancing is encouraged!

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