Bring Them In, Send Them Off: Suitcase Party Promotion

Want to draw in guests on a Friday night, and build loyalty within your bar or nightclub? Then why not host a Suitcase Party? I’ll explain what you need and the associated costs (hint: there are none). To start, market the event and make sure your guests know they need to be prepared with all their belongings for a weekend getaway. Then wait for the crowd to come in, cozy up and wait with drinks in hand for the drawing to begin.

Needed Supplies

1. A two-night stay at a casino or hotel within a two-hour drive of the property
2. A free dinner for two at the “host” hotel, casino or resort
3. A limousine
4. Written entry forms for the names, addresses and phone numbers of customers

A local casino, hotel and/or resort

Executing the Promotion
During the course of the evening, a winner is picked from a bucket of all the names of guests who entered the contest (though the winner can be picked out in other ways too). If the winner has brought his/her suitcase and is ready to go, he/she picks a friend and gets right into the limo to drive to the host hotel. The limo brings them back on Sunday.

There should be almost no hard cost.

The property builds an energized, excited Friday night crowd. The hotel, casino or resort and limo company receive radio mentions and their logos in print advertising and fliers on property. The guest gets a great get-away. Win-win-win!

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