Black Wednesday in the Big Apple

The Thanksgiving holiday often means abandoning the big city to reunite with your hometown friends and family. However, that’s not always the case.

The Empire Hotel’s The Rooftop nightclub in New York is throwing its Thanksgiving Eve event at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 21. The club, which usually doesn’t host events on Wednesday, is bringing in DJ Enuff, who will be spinning “a lot of 90s music,” according to David Mitchell, general manager of The Empire Rooftop. A second DJ will take the stage later in the night.

Mitchell adds that Thanksgiving Even is a “special night,” and in-house promoters work with The Rooftop and help setup these parties and events. “The thing is, I grew up outside of New York. Thanksgiving Eve was the biggest night of the year. It was bigger than New Year’s Eve and Halloween,” he says. “Everyone goes home for Thanksgiving to see family and reunite with high school and college friends; bars are extremely busy.”

However, New York doesn’t see that influx of people. But, those people that stick around still want to go out and party. The promotion works because people don’t have to work on Thursday, and “it gives people a reason to go out.”

With glass windows surrounding the venue, the views of Lincoln Center and uptown are spectacular 15 floors up. “It’s like sitting on the clouds and enjoying yourself,” Mitchell says. And that feeling translates to The Rooftop’s fun atmosphere during the holiday event, which is attracting patrons with a happy hour that starts before DJ Enuff hits the stage.

What’s more, Mitchell said, an event like this, which the venue has hosted for five years, brings in people that “won’t normally come in.” He also noted “the atmosphere and turnout is the same as a normal Saturday night.”

An aggressive marketing plan that focuses on social media coupled with running side-by-side promotions with The Empire Hotel helps put the promotion on the map. For example, in-house guests get free admission to the rooftop party.

Exposing the club to one person that has a good time, means that person will come back with 10 more friends, who will bring another 10 friends, Mitchell says. Although, he says, it’s not guaranteed revenue—and it doesn’t seem as large as New Year’s Eve— however there is a “certain revenue that happens that night” and there’s no need not to try and take advantage of it.

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