Vampire Vineyards Comes Out with a Sangria With a Bite

FangriaVampire Vineyards, known for its Vampire & Dracula brand wines, has just launched Fangria.  Fangria is an authentic Spanish red sangria, made the traditional way, with a blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes, and all natural flavors and juices.

Why Fangria?  “Sangria” is the Spanish word for “bleeding,” so it’s a no brainer,” says Vampire founder Michael Machat. 

Fangria is produced and bottled in La Mancha, Spain.  As of last month, the European Parliament implemented new wine-labeling restrictions allowing use of the word sangria only to those wines made in Spain or Portugal.

While sangria is traditionally enjoyed with Latin fare, Fangria goes great with a variety of foods, from Thai to cheeseburgers. At 10% alc/vol, Fangria is ready to drink right out of the bottle, chilled, or served over ice with a slice of orange.

The brand has just rolled out in California, Arizona, Texas and ConnecticSaut, with a national expansion in the works.  Fangria has already received accolades for its refreshing taste, upscale packaging, and amazing value – with a suggested retail price of $8.99 for a 750ml bottle. 





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