Uma Therman Announced as Leading Lady in 2014 Campari Calendar

CampariThe iconic actress takes the lead in the 15th edition of the annual Calendar, following in the footsteps of previous glamorous Campari Calendar heroines, such as Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Milla Jovovich and Penelope Cruz.  The 2014 Calendar, entitled ‘Worldwide Celebrations,’ will focus each month on unique festivals from around the world to highlight how cultures have become more global than ever before. 

On her role in the Campari Calendar, Ms. Thurman comments,“To be a part of such a globally-renowned project for an iconic worldwide brand like Campari is a true pleasure.   I particularly admire the Campari Calendar theme this year as I am able to share a worldwide journey of discovery, passion and style with Campari lovers around the globe. Each month, the true essence of a ‘global celebration’ has been captured beautifully thanks to Koto Bolofo, a highly-acclaimed photographer with a keen eye for creating intriguing, stimulating and truly dynamic imagery.”

Photographer Bolofo, born in South Africa and raised in Great Britain, truly embodies the global theme of the Calendar.  His unique ability to create lively and dynamic imagery will offer a window on the world to Campari lovers everywhere.  Well-known for his powerful portraits, innovative fashion shoots and numerous short films, Bolofo has shot for such high-profile publications as Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ, and has created advertising campaigns for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior.

“Campari’s ethos of consistently creating striking and powerful imagery for its world-renowned Calendar aligns perfectly with what I constantly strive to achieve in my work,” said Mr. Bolofo.  “To work on this project with a beautiful and talented actress such as Uma Thurman is an honor, and has provided me with an opportunity to push the Calendar’s boundaries and defiantly capture the passion and style which is centered on this year’s truly inspiring Calendar theme.“

CEO of Davide Campari Milano, Bob Kunze-Concewitz noted, “The unrivalled legacy of the Campari Calendar is set to continue this year with the goal of delivering even more invigorating and inspiring imagery.  Once again, boundaries will be pushed in order to stimulate peoples’ imaginations with a voyage of discovery each month to explore worldwide celebrations, and the theme this year couldn’t be more appropriate to do so. With this in mind, we very much look forward to unveiling the 2014 Campari Calendar later on this year.”

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