Ultra Thin Pizza Perfects the Thin-Crust Pretzel Shell

Brat brie & apples with apple, courtesy Ultra Thin Pizza Shells & Flatbreads.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, pretzels, including pretzel crusts and pretzel pizza shells, are hot on menus in operations all over the country. Ultra Thin Pizza is taking it one step further by proudly introducing the first thin-crust pizza shell on the market—made with authentic pretzel dough.

“We understand that operators need innovative products that can expand their menus and increase versatility. We’ve all seen the pretzel crust before, but a thin-crust pretzel pizza opens up a whole new opportunity for operators to expand their menu options.” states Beau Bronsky, Principal of Ultra Thin Pizza Shells & Flatbreads. “One of the biggest reasons we are so excited and proud of this product is that we’ve really been able to master the authentic taste of a pretzel and ensure that the crust will always perform, day in and day out.”

Ultra Thin Pretzel Crust Pizza Shell is available in a 10” size and is packed in 25-count cases. It can be prepared in a deck oven, conveyor, range, rotating, or convection oven, or even an open char grill flame.

For more information, complete recipe ideas, and samples, contact Ultra Thin Pizza Shells & Flatbreads, Inc. at (516)279-6655 or visit online at www.ultrathinpizza.com.


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