Three New Boldly Colored Scorpion Lasers from Chauvet

SUNRISE, Fla. – Chauvet, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting, announces the release of three new high-powered Scorpion lasers: Scorpion GVC, Scorpion RGY and Scorpion RVM. They feature bold color-mixing options that create cyan, yellow and magenta beams. All three lasers include patented Fat Beam technology and are ready to use right out of the box without a variance.

Chauvet Lighting

All three lasers are ideal for the mobile DJ and high-energy club environment — perfect for use in fog or haze. Scorpion GVC projects green and violet lasers that mix to create a cyan laser beam; Scorpion RGY projects red and green lasers that mix to create a yellow laser beam and Scorpion RVM projects red and violet lasers that mix to create a magenta laser beam. All three lasers are fully linkable and can operate in stand-alone or master/slave mode for a full spectrum laser show that includes the popular "laser sky effect.” Plus, separate color controls offer solid color and color-mixing effects for multiple color combinations.

Each Scorpion laser occupies 10 channels of DMX which controls patterns, colors, size of the effects and beam position. Easily create ever-changing or customized laser shows with programmable pan, tilt, separate X, Y and Z rolling effects and an adjustable zoom range of 1 to 36 degrees. For plug-and-play ease, sound-activated programs move and groove to the beat and built-in automatic programs include dozens of effects.


All three fixtures comply with FDA/CDRH standards for Class 3R lasers.

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