SMIRNOFF Vodka Brings New Meaning to Sour & Sweet with the Launch of SMIRNOFF SOURS

Smirnoff Sours Launched todayForget sweet. Forget spicy. It’s all about sour this fall. SMIRNOFF Vodka announced the launch of its new, zesty twist to vodka with SMIRNOFF Sours – the new go-to shot ritual. 

Have fun and celebrate good times with this electrifying Sour line.  SMIRNOFF Sours take the great taste of SMIRNOFF No. 21 and adds an unforgettable sour kick with three tangy flavors – Green Apple, Watermelon and Fruit Punch.

The delicious tart taste of the Sours line won’t stop your hilarious post-shot sour face, but it’s all in fun, so embrace the face. SMIRNOFF is challenging consumers of legal drinking age to share their sour faces on their social channels using the hashtag #myfacewhen I tried a shot of New SMIRNOFF Sours. The brand will also be promoting social responsibility with the launch of SMIRNOFF Sours by reminding everyone to drink responsibly whether at home or in the bar.

Below, you can find serve recommendations:

SMIRNOFF Sours Green Apple

2 oz. SMIRNOFF Sours Green Apple

Taste best served as a chilled shot.

Smirnoff Sours Green Apple

SMIRNOFF Sour Watermelon

2 oz. SMIRNOFF Sour Watermelon

Taste best served as a chilled shot.

Smirnoff Sours Watermelon

SMIRNOFF Sour Fruit Punch

2 oz. SMIRNOFF Sour Fruit Punch

Taste best served as a chilled shot.

Smirnoff Sours Fruit Punch



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