Slim Spirit LLC Announces Partnership With R&R Marketing

Continuing a program of rapid expansion, San Francisco’s homegrown Slim Spirit LLC announces a new partnership with R&R Marketing of New Jersey.  Adding Slim Vodka, Tequila, Rum and Gin to its highly regarded portfolio, R&R Marketing will help ensure a position at the front of the diet adult beverage market.

The Slims' line of low-cal, zero carb spirits can be sipped, mixed and shot.

Utilizing Slim Vodka, Tequila, Rum and Gin, professional bartenders can mix custom low-cal variations of traditional cocktails. Martinis to Mojitos, offers a wealth of diet cocktail recipes to help fans of the spirits stay slim. 

According to Slim spokesperson Mike Dean, women comprise the majority of Slim customers. “The Slims offer a low-cal, mellow cocktail platform,” Dean says. “We work hard to ensure the price point remains accessible.” 

By offering a complete portfolio of diet Slim Spirits, the company is able to offer a comprehensive bar program that helps bar managers add a Slim cocktail menu to their existing beverage lineup.  Dean explains, “We print our own complimentary Slim cocktail menu inserts for our bar and restaurant customers — no fuss, no muss: Your Slim diet cocktail program is ready to go out of the box.”