Ring in the New Year with Flutter FETTI's X-6 Electric Launcher

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Chicago to New York City, the hottest parties hosted by the top-rated nightclubs on New Year’s Eve require more than just Champagne toasts and drink specials. When the ball drops, partiers expect to the first kiss of the New Year, toasting with bubbly…and confetti!

With the push of a button, operators can launch confetti with the Flutter FETTI X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher. This electric, double-barrel confetti launcher can be hung from a lighting grid with a C-Clamp, or it can sit on a stage floor. Additionally, the two 42-inch long barrels can be used as 2 separate confetti launchers and, utilizing compressed air, are capable of shooting 2-inch by 40-foot long metallic streamers 100 feet into the air. The X6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher can also shoot 2-inch by 30-foot tissue streamers 80 feet into the air.

Dazzle your NYE crowd by shooting confetti into the air with push-button convenience. When you make the magic happen, confetti from Flutter FETTI is sure to make everyone’s night!

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