Present Trending Fall Cider with Libbey

Libbey Hard Cider glass delivers hard cider with a beer-like experience

Just in time for fall, Libbey® offers an innovative way to present one of the top trending beverages: hard cider. The Hard Cider glass has a distinctive design that provides a definitive tasting experience by intensifying aromas for maximum flavor.

The hard cider glass features Fizzazz® technology to increase the effervescence, allowing for a more beer-like experience without increasing carbonation. The striking contours of the glass are insightfully designed to optimize the palate for hard ciders and mimic the natural and familiar shape of an apple. The bottom ridges allow for a comfortable grip and help release aromas that are concentrated and intensified by the apple-shaped bowl for a truly multi-sensory tasting experience.

Available in both a 16-ounce glass and a 5-ounce taster for tasting flights, the Hard Cider glass helps restaurants and bars maximize the continued growth of hard cider and differentiate their service to customers.

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