Pernod Ricard USA Partners with LOLIWARE to Create Sustainable Cocktails Using the Straw of the Future


Pernod Ricard USA has partnered with women-founded and women-operated startup LOLIWARE to further their commitment to eliminate nonbiodegradable, single-use straws and stirrers from the cocktail experience.

The world’s first edible bioplastics company that replaces plastic with seaweed-based, “hyper” compostable, marine-degradable materials, LOLIWARE was founded in 2014 by Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker. Recently, LOLIWARE launched the LOLISTRAW, a fully edible straw designed to replace the millions of plastic straws and stirrers being used around the world.

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According to LOLIWARE, plastic straws are used for about 20 minutes on average before being discarded. They rarely disintegrate fully, and their breakdown can take upwards of two centuries.

The partnership between Pernod Ricard USA and LOLIWARE will help the spirits and wine company achieve their goal of eradicating all their operational waste by the year 2020: the LOLISTRAW can be eaten, composted or dissolved in the ocean after they’ve been used.

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