LiveHotSpot Provides Live Updates on NYC's Nightlife Scene

LiveHotSpotLiveHotSpot has just released Version 2 of their mobile application to provide users with live updates on New York City's nightlife scene with new features and exclusive package deals.

LiveHotSpot has been working the past couple of months to get users access into the events they cover rather than just telling users about them!

Push notification features have been added to give users breaking news on nightlife and entertainment stories. Messages can even be targeted based on the user’s interests and location. Want to know that Jay-Z just walked in to a certain nightclub? LiveHotSpot can push the notification directly to the user!

In addition, LiveHotSpot is now offering cut the line features, guaranteed entry options, and access to VIP hosting tables. Users can also plan their nights out with discounted and exclusive packages catered specifically for our LHS users.

We have even added GPS to give directions to any interested event from your current location.

You can download the app at either of the following links below:

Download Here for the Apple Store
Download Here for Google Play


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