ItsPoppingHere! The New App Changing Event Discovery and Reviews

ItsPoppingHere!ItsPoppingHere! is a new app that’s transforming event and fun discovery with real-time reviews and recommendations only. The reviews disappear after 8 hours. The reviewer must actually be at the location, no more than 300 feet away, to add a review; that means no fake reviews. ItsPoppingHere! reviews are crowd sourced and not moderated. 

Real-time, relevant, real and honest reviews! ItsPoppingHere!, for right-now recommendations on restaurants, clubs, parties, concerts and virtually any fun event.

A review on ItsPoppingHere! is live for 8 hours only! A review from yesterday is not relevant to today. Period. After 8 hours, the review will disappear. Shared a picture that you changed your mind about? It will disappear in 8 hours before your loved ones wake up! Real-time means real-time on ItsPoppingHere! Every review is time-stamped so you know when it was popping or not.

-No fake reviews. To review an event, you must actually be at the event location. Reviews on ItsPoppingHere! are not moderated. They are posted immediately. Reviews have pictures. You don?t have to imagine it. You can see it. ItsPoppingHere! takes the guesswork out of fun-finding, what to do next and if the event is really popping. Share ItsPoppingHere! reviews on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

There is simply no event discovery app as daring as ItsPoppingHere! ItsPoppingHere! is available for iOS on iTunes and for Android on Google Play and it is FREE.

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