Guinness Expands with Launch of Guinness Black Lager

NORWALK, CT – Guinness & Co. announced its nationwide launch of Guinness Black Lager, a new beer that perfectly combines the refreshing taste of lager with the unique character and flavor of Guinness.

Guinness Black Lager

The Guinness Master Brewers have used the finest lager hops, yeast and traditional cold brewing methods, with their signature roasted barley, to create a truly original black lager with a deliciously distinctive flavor and a deeply refreshing taste.

‘With Guinness Black Lager we really wanted to build on all the elements that people love about Guinness. We take immense pride in the quality of our product and ensured that we built on the Guinness legacy when creating this distinctive and refreshing lager. I have no doubt that Guinness and lager fans alike will enjoy this unique tasting new lager.’ Said Guinness Master Brewer Fergal Murray.

The refreshing and flavorful taste is locked in by the bespoke amber Guinness bottle. The contemporary packaging design combines premium, detailed silver and blue color with hallmark symbols of Guinness’ brewing provenance and heritage. The lager should be chilled and enjoyed responsibly straight from the bottle.

“The U.S. beer market is evolving and we believe this is the right time to introduce a lager to meet consumers’ needs,” said Doug Campbell, Brand Director, Guinness. “Guinness Black Lager will appeal to a range of drinkers; those who want a refreshing tasting beer with real character, and our loyal Guinness consumers, who want a variety of unique experiences from Guinness and a refreshing taste profile for certain occasions.”

Available in 11.2-ounce bottles (4.5% ABV) at a price comparable to other Premium Imports, Guinness Black Lager is now being launched across on-and off-premise outlets nationwide and will be supported by television, radio and online advertising, sampling and point of sale materials.

As always, whether enjoying new Guinness Black Lager at a bar with friends, at a restaurant with a meal or at home in front of the game, Guinness encourages all consumers to drink responsibly.

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