Dead Bolt Wine Launches Limited Edition Design by Tattoo Artist David Hale

Dead Bolt wine launches limited edition design by tattoo artist David HaleDead Bolt wine continues to break convention with the release of a limited edition design, created by tattoo artist David Hale.

David Hale has collaborated exclusively with Dead Bolt to produce an original artwork inspired by Dead Bolt wine, which is featured on our limited edition, due to launch nationally in the USA from October 2014.

In true Dead Bolt style, the edgy design celebrates the brands bold commitment to individuality and the shared belief of Dead Bolt and David Hale in unlocking the unconventional by encouraging self-expression.

This is the first time Dead Bolt has partnered with an artist, and the first time David has collaborated with a wine brand. Buzzfeed recently named David one of the coolest Tattoo Artist in the world, recognized for his unique style and belief in self-expression, traits which resonate strongly with the Dead Bolt brand.

The limited edition label and carton both feature the David Hale Dead Bolt inspired artwork. Dead Bolts look has always been inspired by tattoo art, hence working with a tattoo artist to create a one-off label felt like a natural synergy for the brand.

The art of blending is central to the Dead Bolt winemaking philosophy, and the limited edition design captures the essence of our distinctive Winemaker's Red Blend. Blending is all about expression and you can taste the individual expression of Dead Bolt’s Winemaking in our velvety Red Blend. In turn, David has blended his unique art style with the Dead Bolt brand style to create a unique, eye catching limited edition label design.

While the Dead Bolt limited edition has a new label design, the wine remains the same. The distinctive Californian Red Blend is a Vintage 2013 generous blend full of rich fruit flavors with a long textured finish.

Dead Bolt limited edition will be nationally available in the USA from October 2014 to December 2014.


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