CREAM Sells Over 130,000 Cases in One Year

Genoa, Ohio  – The innovative alcohol brand CREAM, 30 proof alcohol infused whipped cream, sold the first case to market in May 2010. In a year, the brand has made a name for itself in the alcohol world, selling approximately 1.6 million cans with distribution in 40 states. Not only has CREAM sold well throughout the United States, CREAM is selling off the shelves internationally, in places such as South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Denmark and the Caribbean.

CREAM is being represented worldwide by the alcohol marketing firm Pearson & Pearson. President Brian Pearson, of Pearson & Pearson says, “This product looks great, taste great and has never been done quite like this before. Alcohol-infused whip cream? It's genius, and it tackles a wide variety of target markets from high-end restaurants as a fine dining dessert topper to a fun additive to a bachelor party. We couldn’t ask for more product movement and worldly success.”

With such a large response to CREAM nationwide, the opportunities are endless for this new and upcoming product. Chris Guiher, CEO of Kingfish Spirits and creator of CREAM states, “Initially the idea of CREAM was born out of necessity. I was still in college and needed to supply a party. After serving my concoction to friends and other partygoers, I realized that I definitely had something. Six years later I finally have a shelf stable product. Every day is more exciting than the next. I couldn’t be happier with the job Pearson and Pearson has done for CREAM and the continued support from CREAM fans around the world”.

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