Cokonnect the Guest List Manager and Data Analysis Software

cokonnectCokonnect was created from the needs of venue owners in Reykjavík, who wanted an easy and simple way to store the foot traffic information that they counted each night, in a database that could also offer analytical capabilities.

Like most venues across the world, they used metal tally counters that didn't store or analyse the data that was being collected.

The majority of venue managers wanted to host and analyse their data in a simple and easy way and with smartphones becoming cheaper and more established, the notion of using them for customer counting became logical.

Therefore in alliance with venue owners in Reykjavik, Cokonnect was developed to simplify that task. A product which gives any venue owner the possibility to use smartphones to count in their guests and switch out their old metal clicker counters, with the added feature of now being able to track the exact time that males and females arrive and leave their venue. This information is also stored in real time in a venues personal database for hosting and further analysis, giving venue managers a live status on the foot traffic at their venues at any given time. Cokonnect also gives all security staff at the venue real time information about guest traffic and attendance at all times during the night.

Cokonnect was also developed to include a guest list feature, so that every venue could easily set up a guest list for the night and that would be available to all door staff who would be able to check in guests in real time.

We found out that not only did venue owners/managers like the information that they were obtaining, but security staff was also pleased to have access to technology that helped them better manage security and increase their job efficiency.

Venues can take out a 2 month FREE trial and learn more about Cokonnect at


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