Cardinal Internationalas New Chilwell Beer Glass

ChilwellCardinal International introduces a glassware promotion for their latest beer glass – Chilwell – that includes a free color decoration and nucleation!

What’s unique about Chilwell?  Firstly, it’s fully tempered – meaning it is 5x stronger than traditional annealed glassware used in most bar/restaurant service today.  This added strength and durability means less breakage and, in turn, less re-ordering for bar owners so operating costs can be kept at a minimum.

“We try to develop our glassware in the mindset of the operator,” states Bryan O’Rourke, President of Cardinal International.  “Durable, inexpensive products that look great and work hard.  We manufacturer and decorate our glasses all in the same factory, so costs for a quality, custom glass are kept low because our products don’t change hands as often as other manufacturers who outsource their deco.”

Cardinal also makes a number of their beer glasses with the option of adding nucleation – a process that promotes the production of carbon monoxide bubbles that produce a fuller head and a more aromatic experience.


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