Bar Charger with "Benefits" to Launch at the Nightclub & Bar Show

NEW YORK, NY - Counter Jump, LLC will show "BAR CHARGE, with Benefits" at The Nightclub & Bar Show in March. Known as the leading USB seat charger,  it now will offer even more benefits to CJ owners and their customers.

Piggybacked on the Charger is an intelligent 4" HDTV display which will sense that someone has sat down and will welcome them by displaying "TODAY's SPECIALS," Happy Hour 1/2 price drinks, and other establishment announcements.

The video will then display funny pictures, jokes, food trivia, and other entertainment at times during your visit.

Other Benefits of Counter Jump is a SERVER PAGER and a CHECK PLEASE request button.

But what is most fun and innovative is the use of QR scanning prompts. This release of CJ will include QI wireless and USB charging


Joe Mahedy

Counter Jump LLC


[email protected]


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