Available from RC Fine Foods: Easy-To-Use Umami Products

Umami Sesations by RC Fine FoodsRC Fine Foods is pleased to introduce Umami Sensations to foodservice. The line includes 10 different Umami powders – all intended to be combined with soups, sauces, dressings, entrees and desserts to enhance the flavor without adding salt, sugar or other ingredients.

“Umami is the fifth taste.” states Gary Cohen, VP of RC Fine Foods. “Everyone is familiar with sweet, sour, bitter or salty. Umami goes beyond these flavors and by adding small quantities to everyday dishes like soup or salad dressing; it brings out the WOW factor of flavor. We’ve been able to develop a full line that has a host of applications in many segments of foodservice.”

Umami Sensations includes fish sauce powder, oyster extract powder, seaweed (Kombu) powder, Champignon mushroom extract powder, shitake mushroom extract powder, roasted Chinese cabbage powder, mirepoix powder, soy sauce (wheat-free) powder, red miso powder and kokumi powder. Nine of these items are non-GMO and are marketed as “clean label”.

“By simply adding a ½ teaspoon of Umami Sensations mirepoix powder to a gallon of vegetable soup, it helps brings out the layers of flavor and makes them all pop!” comments Anthony Todaro, RC Fine Foods Corporate Executive Chef. “This is particularly important in the healthcare segment where better tasting meals without sodium will benefit patients.”

Umami Sensations will be available in a convenient 2oz. Shaker bottles. These products work perfectly with many of the existing RC Fine Foods products such as soup bases, dressings, gravies and dessert mixes. To receive a free sample, please call RC Fine Foods at (800) 526-3953


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