Aunt Fannie Introduces Natural Fruit Fly Killer

FlyPunchKnown to hover in even the cleanest restaurant kitchens, bars, breweries and wineries, pesky fruit flies are highly disruptive to sanitation and ambiance. Finally, there’s a safe, effective solution: Aunt Fannie is launching FlyPunch!, the first natural pesticide to quickly attract and kill fruit flies.

“Until now, the only commercial fruit fly killer included a nerve agent from World War II – not exactly something people want near their food,” explained Mat Franken, CEO of Aunt Fannie. “We’re on a mission to offer simpler, more honest, less chemically processed products to restaurants, and that starts with FlyPunch!.”

FlyPunch! offers four primary benefits:
-Fast. The proprietary liquid formula attracts and kills fruit flies quickly.
-Powerful. One 3.4-ounce pouch per problem area can do the trick.
-Simple. Just open the pouch and pour the liquid into the “DiveJar.”
-Clean. FlyPunch! is made from natural concentrates with no poisonous ingredients.

“Fruit flies cause premature contamination and rotting in fruits and vegetables. For the produce production and foodservice industries, this increased waste translates into decreased profits,” explained Franken. “We want to reverse that trend, helping reduce waste and increase revenue.”

Being introduced during a notoriously buggy time of year, Aunt Fannie is already receiving positive responses from commercial kitchens across the country. A related product will be introduced for general consumers in June at Whole Foods across the southeast.

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