A Very Sweet Deal: Torani Introduces New Sweetener Collection

ToraniTorani invites you to sweeten your life naturally with its new collection of three carefully crafted sweeteners. Agave Nectar, Honey and Cane Sugar add just the right amount of sweetness to your favorite drinks. These versatile syrups blend perfectly into cold, hot and blended beverages, and can be easily poured or pumped for consistent and easy dosing, each and every time.

As more consumers seek healthier, more natural sweetening solutions, Torani, consumer’s number one flavored syrup brand in America*, delivers on all counts. The new Sweetener Collection debuts with premium ingredients like organic agave, natural honey and pure cane sugar that provide the perfect level of sweetness to coffee, teas, frappés and cocktails.

Torani’s Agave Nectar Sweetener has a clean flavor that complements all beverages.  The nectar is made from the juice, or sap, of the blue agave plant which is extracted, filtered, then heated slowly at low temperatures until the carbohydrates are broken down into sugar. Agave nectar is sweeter than sugar, so less is needed, and it can be used in almost any recipe that calls for simple syrup.

Nature’s sweetener, honey, is nutrient rich and sweet delivering a warm, rich flavor without the energy spikes that come with processed sugar or artificial sweeteners. Torani’s Honey Sweetener is liquid gold, made with the natural bee-sourced aromatic nectar from flowers, delivered in a no-fuss, easy pour bottle that attracts customers… like bees to honey.

Think clean and simple with Torani’s Cane Sugar Sweetener the possibilities are endless. Pure cane sugar is milled from sugarcane, and sugarcane alone. Unlike ordinary sugars which can be a blend of sugarcane and beets, pure cane sugar simply tastes better. Torani’s simple syrup is made with premium pure cane sugar that delivers clean, crisp, consistent sweetness to all beverages, every time.


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