Peerless Bourbon

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. is beyond excited to share the news of the official release of the first Peerless Bourbon in over 100 years. The 2015 revival of Kentucky Peerless revealed Corky and Carson Taylor’s dedication to maintaining the integrity of Henry Kraver’s process of handcrafting great whiskey.

Corky and Carson decided to patiently wait for Peerless Bourbon to age at the distillery at the hand of Caleb Kilburn, now Master Distiller at Peerless. Caleb implemented the use of sweet mash, low distillation proof, low barrel entry proof, and non-chill filtration to create a complex and distinct spirit worthy of the Peerless name. 
After four years of patiently waiting for the maturation of PeerlessBourbon, the wait is coming to an end. Release date is June 22 and will start at the distillery, spread throughout Kentucky, then be released in other markets.

54.45% ABV