Zouk is the Word

Zouk Nightclub has risen from the ashes of the once legendary nightclub Starck Club in Dallas, a go-to club for celebrities during the ‘80s. Though it has a different name, Zouk Nightclub has the same trendy feel as its predecessor — a place where stars like Fleetwood Mac, Madonna and Prince once gathered for a unique club-going experience. (I entertained the elite members of the fashion world at Starck Club for years; everyone who was anyone partied there, trust me).

Zouk Club

The Zouk creators wanted to keep Starck’s layout and follow the tradition of what was once considered the “Studio 54” of Dallas nightlife. To do this they combined elements of what made Starck Club so popular with new nightclub trends. For example, Zouk’s management embraced the reality TV trend by getting MTV’s "Jersey Shore" cast member Vinny Guadagnino to host the soft opening. Director of VIP Services Brad Hawkins said the soft opening is just the beginning: the grand opening, New Years Eve party and Super Bowl event will be filled with celebrity DJs and stars like Pitbull and will.i.am. Timing and money both played a part in its creation, and this is the perfect time to capitalize on Dallas hosting the Super Bowl, Hawkins said.

In order to get this star power, Zouk brings in mega celebrities through AccessDallas.com, the largest resource for entertainment, parties, concerts, event management and advertising in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Asim Sheikh and Jay Mata are core members of AccessDallas.com and have been dominating the nightlife scene for years. They took the profits of their past endeavors and put it towards Zouk, which they label as the “premiere destination” in Dallas.

Zouk Club

A word to the wise: All clubs need a "refresher course" from time to time. To make sure your club’s revival sees as much success as Zouk Club is bound to have in 2011, look for experts to partner with who have the funds, vision and, most importantly, a track record of success.

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