Zan Z Bar / Solids & Stripes

Israeli born Ami move to the US with $200 in his pocket in search of the American dream and after owning and running bakeries in New York, he decided to cash in his life savings and open Zan Z Bar in Denver’s emerging downtown.  After an almost fatal accident in 2009 that left Ami bedridden for six months, the bar was plagued by theft and the bad service of his former employees. 

Since Ami’s return to the bar he rules with an iron fist and can quickly lose his temper.  After the stress test Ami’s stubbornness get ahold of him and he lashes out at Expert Chef Brian Duffy and Jon Taffer. The argument gets so intense that it comes to a physical altercation and throwing of dishes. In addition to Ami’s temperament there are absolutely no systems in place that would make the staff successful.

Taffer’s experts Jenny Costa and Chef Brian Duffy immediately get to work on re-training the staff. Jenny blindfolds the bartenders while they train their body to retain muscle memory that will help them multitask behind the bar. Chef Duffy helps the kitchen staff organize ingredients making them more accessible shortening ticket times.

In the end Ami’s attitude changes at Taffer reveals Solids & Stripes Badass Billiards. They add new lighting and a sound system in order to create the lively party atmosphere that will attract their target demographic.  One week later the success of the new venue is evident. Sales have jumped an astonishing 50% and the billiards are bringing in an addition $1K per week.

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