The Wire (July 2011)

The Blendtec ICB3 Blender


The Blendtec ICB3 Blender delivers high-powered, one-touch blending. The powerful 1,500-watt motor and convertible design make installation easy, and at 110 volts, there’s no dedicated wiring. The blender comes with a completely remanufactured unit, a 64-ounce pitcher, a sound enclosure that provides quieter operation, a manual and a six-month/10,000-cycle warranty.

Bacardi All-In-One Shaker

Bacardi All-In-One Shaker

The Bacardi All-In-One Shaker is designed for bartenders to muddle, shake and pour in one quick step. The shaker’s stainless-steel finish gives it a modern look, its comfort grip provides control when shaking and pouring, the acrylic nubs ensure ingredients release their full flavor and the built-in muddler muddles ingredients with a few simple shakes, increasing efficiency and speed behind the bar.

Explosion-Proof LED

Explosion-Proof LED by Larson Electronics announced the addition of the EPL-BS-161M-100 explosion-proof LED to its line of explosion-proof LED equipment. The LED produces 10,000 lumens of bright white light, providing illumination for 8,000 square feet. Sixteen inches in diameter, the light has an integrated handle and copper-free spun-aluminum base, which is pre-drilled for permanent mounting options.

Follett’s Horizon 1800 Series Icemaker

Follett's Horizon 1800 Series Icemaker

Follett introduces the 1800 Series Icemaker to its Horizon icemaker line. Producing 1,580 pounds of ice in 24 hours, the icemakers are available in remote air-cooled condensing-unit configurations. The Horizon 1800 Series makes Chewblet ice and features patented Satellite-fill technology, which allows operators to fill their ice-storage receptacles automatically without placing an icemaker on top. The icemakers are environmentally friendly, using 35% less water than typical ice machines.

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