The Wire (July 2010)


The PARTINIGLASS has the look and feel of a traditional Martini glass but reduces spillage by 50 percent through the use of small baffles that minimize liquid movement. The glass can be dropped on any surface and will not break, according to the company, and it’s scratch resistant and dishwasher safe. It is made with food grade polycarbonate and has the weight and feel of a real glass. The American-made PARTINIGLASS is available in all colors and can be imprinted with logos.


Lightable Patio Set

Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. introduces its lighted, 100 percent waterproof furniture collection. It features contemporary chairs and a cylindrical cocktail table using LED lights inside the three translucent pieces. The lighted furniture is developed for indoor and outdoor placement and can stay outside year-round. The lightweight furniture is made from smooth, plastic material and is resistant to sunlight, water and chlorine. It operates with three battery-powered LED lights and comes with an optional AC adapter.

Lightable Patio Sets

Isis Outdoor Fans

Big Ass Fans announces its Isis outdoor fans. The large-diameter, low-speed fans are either ceiling-mounted for covered areas or pole-mounted for ceiling-free spaces. The outdoor fans are precision-balanced, hand built with aircraft-grade aluminum and designed to function in all weather. It’s efficient, quiet and lightweight (less than 100 pounds), and its aircraft-like wings allow for a light breeze that deflects insects.

Isis Outdoor Fans

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