The Wire (February 2009)


Recognizing the limitations of normal television channels in a bar environment, Simage was created to provide a custom television programming package designed around the needs of bar customers and bar owners. Customers come to bars to have fun and socialize, so everything on your screens should help fulfill those needs. The programming should all be fun, stimulating, engaging, without the need for audio or "interactive" capabilities. Point of purchase (POP) or impulse advertising is an effective way to advertise any product. Simage allows operators to use screen time to promote products, promotions and services.  For more information, call (847) 919-6062.

Cocktails Made Easy for iPhone

Difford's Guide teamed with Fizz Software Ltd. to convert its Cocktails Made Easy book into an application for iPhone. All 500 recipes and accompanying photographs can be viewed from the book on your iPhone for a mere $2.99. Fizz's application allows you to search for cocktail recipes by their name, by their Difford's rating or by their key ingredients. For more information, visit iTunes or your local Apple store.

Bevinco Media

Bevinco is perfecting a new offering, Bevinco Media. Utilizing television screens, Bevinco Media will televise live broadcasts and also provide ample space to introduce patrons to new campaigns, promotions, games and contests. Bar owners can display a banner on the TV with their nightly drink specials and, as their customers respond, the Bevinco Media system can track exactly how many of the advertised drinks are sold and measure the overall effectiveness of the campaign. Bevinco expects to launch the system in the late spring. For more information visit


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