The Wire (August 2010)

McCain Signature Crescent Cut Fries

McCain Signature Fries

McCain Foods USA introduces McCain Signature Crescent Cut Fries. The fries deliver crispy edges with warm potato inside. The fries stay hot and crispy longer than regular fries after 10 minutes of cooking. McCain Foods USA is a leading supplier of frozen potato and snack food selections.


atmosphere entertainment technology

atmosphere is a sensory innovation for nightclubs, bars, lounges and restaurants, providing musical entertainment and videos on four screens. atmosphere uses high-definition multi-channel entertainment (HDME) technology and is the first plug-and-play media server able to play four full HD channels. atmosphere delivers defined programming to suit the venue, precise volume control and video presentations, and can be viewed on plasma screens, LCD screens, LED screens and projection formats.

PulseCode Locks

Pulse Code lock

RMP Security is now the distributor of PulseCode High-Security Locks. The locks are engineered with E-Lock technology, which allows for a flexible security lock that adapts to passage doors, walk-ins, employee locker rooms, employee entrances and roof hatches. The locks are hidden inside the door and eliminate exterior exposed locks, and Lock Audit records all lock events to detect tampering and trace losses. The battery-powered locks mean there is no power supply or low-voltage electrical wiring or installation.

Bag End Loudspeaker System

Bag End Loudspeaker System

Previously only available as a custom unit, Bag End Loudspeaker System now offers a built-in Infra processor in all of its 22 self-powered subwoofer systems that use the Minima-One amplifier. The single Big End subwoofer system is easier to install, transport and connect. The Bag End’s bass can be implemented into any sound system.

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