The Wire (April/May 2011)

Meyda Custom Lighting “Piccadilly” Chandelier

Meya Chandelier

Meyda Custom Lighting introduces its “Piccadilly” Chandelier, a lighting fixture with a scalloped-steel design made with hand-finished antique copper and hand-applied copper and iron highlights. With a total length of 71 inches, the energy-efficient chandelier features 23 faux candle-shaped lights in a cross-cross design.

California Portable Dance Floors

California Portable Dance Floors

California Portable Dance Floor Co. introduces a new patent-pending extrusion design that allows the company’s 16-foot-by-16-foot portable dance floor to transform into a 24-inch-diameter circle; sections also can be added to give it an oval shape. The floor comes in white, black and New England plain laminate styles.

Kold-Draft GB2060 Series Ice Machines


Kold-Draft GB2060 Series commercial ice machines feature an icemaker, bagger and merchandiser system in a single device. One unit combines two 1,000-pound machines with separate electronic controls, meaning ice batches can be made more frequently from the alternating components. Available with a water-saving tank and an automatic ice-bagging system, the system holds up to 2,000 pounds of ice.

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