The Vine (December 2009)

Blue Coast Vineyards’ Wine in Box
Blue Coast Vineyards debuted its Chardonnay and Merlot varietals in a 3 L box form — the equivalent of four bottles. The interior of the box features a durable, recyclable, vacuum-sealed bag that prevents wine from oxidizing quickly and allows it to maintain its integrity for up to eight weeks after opening. The Chardonnay offers smooth, fruit-forward flavors with hints of tropical fruit on the nose, while the Merlot exhibits cherry and blackberry notes.

Blue Coast Boxed Wine

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2007 Lake Sonoma Zinfandel
The 2007 Lake Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel displays heady aromas of raspberry and blueberry, complemented by mint and eucalyptus notes. Fresh raspberry and strawberry flavors are accented by a dash of mint and white pepper. This claret-style Zinfandel’s palate stays smooth through a long, balanced finish. Only 4,000 cases of the 2007 Lake Sonoma Winery Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel were produced.

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Relax Cool Red
Schmitt Sohne released a new look for its Relax Cool Red wine with fire engine red paint and silver print. Atop the bottle is a shining silver Stelvin closure. Relax Cool Red is a fruity red wine with flavors of black cherry and plums. It is best enjoyed slightly chilled as a cocktail or with a range of foods like cheese, appetizers, burgers, pizzas and comfort foods.

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