The Vibe (March 2009)

ModernLineFurniture, a designer and distributor of handmade modern furniture, has opened a new showroom in Rahway, N.J. The 5,000-square-foot showroom, designed to simulate a nightclub atmosphere, offers clients a unique way to preview ModernLineFurniture’s latest modern designs. Nightclub, bar, lounge and restaurant owners, as well as event planners, can experience first-hand how the furniture will look and feel in their venues.

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Cintas Women’s Comfort Pant
Cintas Corp. blends functionality and fashion in its new line of rentable
uniform pants designed specifically by women, for women. The new Women’s Comfort Pant, now available nationwide, features two patterns for different female body types. “About 70 percent of women in the workplace are forced to wear a modified men’s uniform pant,” said Chuck Helmes, director of marketing for Cintas Corp. “This is a uniform revolution, and we’re proud to be the leader in addressing this need that is long overdue.”

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Illuminated Impressions
Home Field Advantage manufactures brand-name replicated, magnetic hospitality lights that fit any guest check presenter, menu or wine list and enhance the ability to read in a dimly-lit setting. Guests simply attach and detach the customized device at their discretion. It also contains a red LED light that will prompt the server or bartender to process guest payments quicker.

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