The Vibe (April 2009)

American Metalcraft Sauce Cups

Porcelain-ribbed sauce cups join American Metalcraft’s product line. Available in three sizes, they serve much more than sauces. Try small portions of soup, individual appetizers, French fries, fresh fruit or dips. They also match with all six of American Metalcraft’s smaller ribbed porcelain sauce cups and trays. 

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The makers of gluug shot glasses created it to facilitate shooters and sampling, as well as to encourage guests to take it home as a souvenir. A bartender can mix and pre-pour any two liquids of different viscosity: pour one ounce of any mixer into the gluug, add one ounce of a spirit to top it off, seal it with a gluug cap, chill and serve. Or, the gluug can be filled straight-up with one spirit.

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Meyda Chandel-Air

The 49-inch wide Van Erp Chandel-Air from Meyda Lighting is a customizable lighting fixture  that integrates a fan mechanism. Meyda Lighting will custom design and build any lighting fixture with an operable fan built into the unit. The Chandel-Air features an Amber Mica shade transformed into a decorative/functional casement for a fan. The unit features Silver Mica panels that circle the outside of this pendant/fan fixture, with a matching hub.

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