Using the Right Medium for the Right Occasion

Social IconsSocial media is a great tool, but it shouldn’t be your sole means of reaching out to your clientele. Try branching out and approaching your guests from a different angle for best results. There is no “solve-all solution” for marketing your restaurant. Your marketing plan must be as diverse as your crowd in order to drive them to your door.

Social Media
• More than anything else, social media should be a conversational tool. If a customer posts a question on your wall about your business, answer them directly. Don’t make them go hunting for the answer.
• As for promotions, think about it this way: For every one promotion you market on your wall, you should post at least two interactive posts. An interactive post can be anything from a simple question to weekly contests and surveys — anything to maintain the conversation and hype the promotion. Remember, it’s important to draft an editorial calendar to make sure you’re posting regularly with content that matters.

Email Marketing
• E-blasts provide business owners with a great way to promote an upcoming event and to do so in a way that leaves an imprint on your customers' minds. Tweets and Facebook posts come and go, but a carefully crafted e-blast works wonders.
• If you choose to purchase an email list, make sure you research the company first to ensure credibility. However, a better option would be to gather customers’ emails and birthdays so you can craft a targeted promotion.

The most important thing you can do once you complete your email-marketing or social-media campaign is to evaluate your success. Did you reach your goal? How can you improve your campaigns to improve email-subscriber retention? This month, make sure you’re actively engaging your customers in the digital and the real world.