USBG Honors Long Time Members

From the desk (or bartop) of David Nepove, United States Bartenders' Guild (USBG) President....

Last month I took a trip with Aaron Gregory Smith, Livio Lauro and John Burton to Long Beach, Calif., to honor some USBG mUSBG logoembers for their lifelong commitments to the USBG. We honored them for keeping the Guild alive and honoring the craft for so many years. The honorees were: International Bartenders Association (IBA) Vice President for North America Jose F. Ancona, Long Time Member Fred Ireton, Long Time Member Cesar Sandoval, Long Time Member Vincent Cisneros, Long Time Member Kelly Lightner, Long Time Member Fructuso Prado, Long Time Member William Cresswell, Long Time Member Philo Miller, Long Time Supporter and Honorary Member Noreen Wood, Long Time Member Naomi Filbern, Long Time Member Arturo Pienado and Long Time Member Marcel La Roque.

We had a wonderful cocktail party in their honor. And now, without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to add to the above list and to present on behalf of the USBG, “The Lifetime Membership Award.” For those outstanding supporters of our organization, always elevating the bar industry, and the years of service they have dedicated to refine our craft, please join me in congratulating our newest Lifetime Members to the USBG: Dale Degroff, none other than King Cocktail himself; Brian Rea, the Bar Keeper; Tony Abou-Ganim, our very own Modern Mixologist; John C. Burton, the Northern California King; Livio Lauro, our former National President, the man who set the standard; and Bobby “G” Gleason, the Ambassador who never rests.

Thank you all for your dedication and for helping the USBG become what it is today, a benchmark for what bartenders aspire to become.

David Nepove
USBG National President

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