Tyson Food Service Introduces Tyson Signature Ready Bone-in Wings

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (January 2011) — Tyson Food Service introduces Tyson Signature Ready Bone-in Wings, making it simple for operators to give customers the signature wings they crave.

Tyson Bone-In Wings


Wing sales continue to soar, and the growing number of wing lovers wants crispy, juicy, freshly sauced wings—not the same old soggy, tasteless wings. Start with Tyson Signature Ready wings and any operator can create that irresistible attraction easily every time.

Versatile and flavorful, Tyson Signature Ready Bone-in wings can be served as a shareable appetizer platter, by the piece at a low per-piece price or as an add-on to entrées. Magnum wings and Jumbo size wings are available for better size and price options. Designed to provide a made-from-scratch texture, Tyson Signature Ready wings allow for customization by freshly tossing wings in their signature sauce.


Tyson Signature Ready Bone-in Wings are available in three varieties:

· Tyson EverCrisp Individually Frozen Wings—Designed to cook from frozen for excellent performance when batch cooking and holding, Tyson Ever Crisp Individually Frozen Wings outperform all other uncooked, unsauced wings by holding their crispiness longer than control vacuum packed and commodity wings.

· Tyson Fast Finish Wings—Fully cooked to reduce food-safety risks and perfect for signature saucing, Tyson Fast Finish Wings deliver great wings faster than commodity or individually frozen wings.

· Tyson Oven Roasted Wings—Created to provide optimum texture and crispiness and fully cooked to reduce prep time, Tyson Oven Roasted wings are the most versatile wing —ready for dipping or saucing straight from the fryer or high-heat oven.


For Tyson® Signature Ready™ Bone-in Wings product specifications or merchandising materials, visit www.tysonfoodservice.com/wings, contact your Tyson representative or call 1-800-248-9766.

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