Taffer Turns Around Sandbar Sports Grill

Bar Rescue - Taffer Turns Aprund Sandbar in Miami

In 2007, Albert Borrero, went from loyal customer to bar owner when he bought the University of Miami hot spot Sandbar Sports Grill. However, in 2010 the local city council established legislation to drive out the late-night rowdy crowd. Despite slower business in 2013, Albert’s friend and experienced restaurateur, Matt Gentile, bought into Sandbar. Matt offered up some great ideas however the bar still had a reputation as being a college bar. Now, Sandbar fails to attract Coconut Grove’s refined demographic.

The bar is definitely not hitting the demographic. With the metal siding, red wood and florescent lights the venue has no class. Inside the college dive bar theme continues with juice that comes out of a gun making the drinks way to sweet and flat beer. The Sandbar is never going to capture the market if they can’t make and serve an old fashioned correctly or properly cook the food they serve. However, the biggest hurdle the bar faces is Albert.  Albert is too focused on his fantasy football than his failing business.

In order to turn Sandbar around, Taffer needs to get Matt and Albert on the page.  They need to start working together managing the staff and the business through procedures and policies. Taffer brings in master mixologist Mia Mastroianni and renowned Chef Gavan Murphy to help turn this failing bar around.  Ice spheres are incorporated into the new menu drink and hot plates to the food menu. These new additions will set the standard for a more sophisticate demographic.

Once the training concludes Taffer and his team get to work revamping the bar. Taffer transforms the Sandbar Sports Grill into The Hot Rock Bar & Grill and in their first hour they made $2,000. Six weeks after the relaunch food sales are up 10 percent and drink sales are up 20 percent.  Matt and Albert are continuing to work together successfully. 

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