Taffer Turns Around Packy's Pub

Pack'y Pub becomes Campbell's Irish Pub on Bar Rescue

In 1986, Patrick “Packy” Campbell, immigrated to the states from Ireland and got involved in the bar business in order to live the American dream. Wanting to test his luck, Packy opened his own bar and when Packy’s Pub first opened it was busy all the. With the bar coasting, Packy left the staff to run themselves and the bar became a free for all. Now, Packy is $140,000 in debt and losing $9,000 a month.

“An Irish bar without authenticity is like a sports bar without TVs,” commented Taffer. One of the most important factors in an authentic Irish bar is the food and Packy’s doesn’t even have a stove. In addition to the terrible unauthentic food, there are fruit flies in the cocktails. However, the biggest issue is the staff’s behavior and the absent management.

To help turn the bar around Taffer brings in renowned Chef Gavan Murphy and Master of Whiskey Gerry Graham. The new bar needs to be known for fresh homemade Irish food and quality Guinness and Classic cocktails. In order for this to happen, the team incorporates new equipment in the kitchen, fresh ingredients and proper technique into the bar, and lights the fire in Packy that’s needed to take hold of his destiny in order to succeed.

Once the doors of Campbwell’s Irish Pub open the entire bar and the staff has been transformed. Part of an opening is poduction and in the first 15 minutes the staff was able to serve the entire room. Six weeks after the relaunch food and beveage sales are up 70%, Packy has hired additional help in the kitchen and Guppy is no longer drinking behind the bar.

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