Taffer Turns Around KC's Neighborhood Bar & Grill

bar rescue KC’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill a private club in Kansas City was wildly popular as the only smoking bar in the area bringing in $41,000 a month. They had a great run for right years until owner Bill had a heart attack.  After enduring triple bypass surgery and ending up in the hospital for three months, he decided that it was time to retire.

Instead of giving the business to his son, Bill decided that the best person to take over the bar is Manager Liz.  However, as Taffer begins to dig into the business he brings it to Liz’s attention that the documentation stating she has 10 percent stake in the company wouldn’t be recognized by a court and that she could be sued for $50,000 if Bill passes.  Liz decided that she cannot take on the financial burden and decided to walk away from ownership.  

But that’s only the first of a series of bad business practices conducted by the bar. Staff members drink and smoke behind the bar, there are no systems for running food, over pouring is common place, food is ill prepared and the bar is inhabited by raccoons.

In order to turn the bar around, Taffer brings in Tony Devencenzi for the bar and Tiffany Derry for the kitchen to train the staff and put procedures in place. Taffer provides Bill and the staff with marketing opportunities to increase membership, a sleek new design and operational procedures that will help them succeed. In the end, the brand new Johnson County Line impresses its customers and two months later continues to bring in 25 new members each month.  

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