Taffer Turns Around Headhunters

Headhunters, a once thriving bar in Austin, TX, has become a dilapidated, cockroach infested pile of garbage due to the years of negligence by owner Steve Richie.  It is by far the worst bar that Jon Taffer has seen in his over 35 year career in the business.  To make things worse Steve thinks that every bar in Austin has bugs and it’s a nonissue for his staff and customers.

When Steve finds out he has a Class A Infestation and after a serious talk with Taffer, he begins to realizes that he is failing and has a momentary breakthrough. However, Taffer has little faith in Steve and decides instead to focus on the staff. He wants to make sure that the staff is well-equipped to run the bar despite the owner.

Experts, Jesse Barns and Joe Brooke, work with the staff to get them up to par in order to handle the higher volume that is expected with the new bar. They are armed with the proper bartending techniques, service training and venue positioning before the design team gets to work on revamping the venue.

Taffer has taken their cockroach infested bar and turned it into Metal and Lace, a current yet approachable steampunk lounge. Steve inevitable reverts back to his old ways and Chloe and Jewel become acting managers of the bar.  Six weeks later, Steve still hasn’t paid any of his employees. Chloe, Jewel and Looney begin looking for new jobs with the skill and drive that Taffer and his team instilled in them.

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