Taffer Turns Around The End Zone

The End Zone In 2005 former male stripper and body builder Justin Whitfield left the exotic dance scene and opened The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill. As sole owner, Justin found himself stretched too thin to keep up with the flourishing business. Therefore, he brought in his friend of 15 year, Shawn Machado to be a co-owner. Despite their long term friendship they don’t see eye to eye on running the business. Things get so bad physical confrontations break out between staff members. If Justin and Sean can’t iron out their differences they stand to lose everything.

When you think of sports you think of cheering, energy and excitement.  However, this bar is far from exciting. The place is so dirty that you can hear the squeak and clinking of the bartenders sloshing thought the dirt, stale beer and bottle caps on the floor. In the kitchen things don’t get much better. It’s a mess and violates a series of health code violations.

Taffer identifies the need to create an immersive sports bar the really replicates being in park or arena. In terms of food they need to add a twist to classic ballpark food and at the bar a balanced cocktail menu that appeals to both men and women. These elements along with communal elements and decorative theming will create an interactive sports experience for customers.  

Taffer transforms The End Zone into Houston Sports Hub and for the first time everyone is getting along and the customers love the new products. On the night of the relaunch the staff generated $2,210.72 in one hour. Two months after the relaunch, Houston Sports Hub sales have risen by 30% and they continue to bring in 100 new patrons per week. 

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