Taffer Turns Around Cashmere

After establishing a successful landscaping business entrepreneur Brandon Klintworth poured $210 thousand into Cashmere, a martini nightclub. At first the nightclub was a hit, bringing in upwards of $60 thousand a month. Then all the competition came flooding in. With 40 bars and 15 nightclubs to compete against, Cashmere began to unravel and Brandon is now $250 thousand in debt and two months away from losing both of his businesses.

However, there is a huge population of couples living in the city making very comfortable combined household incomes without the kids to keep them home at night that Cashmere isn’t able to tap into. One of the main reasons is the manager, James, who is more concerned with managing his own sex life than the bar. In addition the nightclub is filthy and the staff poorly trained.

In order to save the bar from closing its doors, Jon Taffer brings in three experts to help straighten out the place, including Joe Brooke, Jesse Barns and Chef Nick Liberato. All three experts quickly assess the situation and begin making the necessary changes to succeed. They get rid of the dead weight and standardize procedures like not pouring cheap liquor into premium bottles.

Cashmere was an irrelevant nightclub in a great market and something needed to be done that had a great image, style and a unique presentation.  Keeping this in mind Jon presents Duel Ultra Nightclub - the world’s first dueling DJ nightclub.

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