Taffer Turns Around Barlowas

Two year after purchasing Barlow’s Bar & Grill with her husband, Susan Wood found herself divorced and without a partner. Desperate to get Barlow’s food program cooking Susan allowed Barlow’s regular Jon Stovall to run the kitchen in exchange for an equal partnership in the business. However, Susan and Jon’s partnership quickly took a spiteful turn.

Jon Taffer is called in to help keep the bar from striking out. However, that is a difficult task as the bartenders have no idea what they are doing; making drinks incorrectly and not caring or completely choosing to do nothing at all. All of this is going on while Susan proceeds to take shots at the bar and kitchen manager Jon peers at everyone from behind a beer glass at the opposite end of the bar.

Taffer calls two experts to help revamp the bar. Russell Davis, who’s expansive knowledge of creative cocktails makes him a perfect fit to turn over this bar staff and executive chef Tiffany Derry, who’s commitment to excellence and precision will elevate any kitchen.

Now without that animosity Jon can support Susan as a good partner and let her run this bar; giving them the second chance that they need at Comeback Sports Bar. Before Taffer leaves he reminds them one last time that they need to support each other. That is the only way that the partnership will work and they will continue to succeed.

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