Taffer Goes on a Sortie at O'Banion's Bar & Grill

Sorties Tavern

O’Banion’s Bar & Grill is a failing bar outside of Omaha in Bellvue, Nebraska. Bellvue is home to a military base which houses 22,000 people. In order to succeed, the bar must have the support of the nearby military base and a clear concept that this target audience will understand and relate to.

The bar has multiple problems such as lack of training, no POS system and an unused kitchen, however the largest challenge O’Banion’s faces is part owner Jerry. Jerry drinks on the job and his behavior is a hazard to the business. Steve and Dave, fellow owners have had it with Jerry’s ‘managerial’ style.

Taffer comes in and addresses the issues Dave and Steve have with Jerry and helps them conduct a hostile takeover in order to save the business. Jerry, outraged, leaves the bar in a drunken fury; he surprisingly comes in the next morning with a decent attitude and ready to work. Getting down to business, the staff of O’Banion’s is trained behind the bar and in the new kitchen that Taffer filled with state of the art equipment.  Jerry remains sober and proves himself throughout the rescue which relieves his partners and ensures that the three will be able to work together and strive for success.

O’Banion’s Bar & Grill is transformed into Sorties Tavern with military inspired food and drink menus. The military base as a whole loves the all-American feel. Six weeks after the relaunch, drink sales are up 20% and food sales are up 100%. Jerry remains sober and the three partners are continuing to work together.

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