Taffer Gives RG's Lounge a New BARcode

RG's Lounge

One mile from the Chiefs and Royals stadiums in Independence, MO resides RG’s Lounge - a once successful bar brought down by the constant arguing of owners and twin brothers Rick and Randy. In the midst of their bickering the twins turned a blind eye to their dwindling bar. As the bar aged, so did the clientele; now the average RG’s customer is 65 year of age.

Now, RG’s is losing $5,000 a month and is $139,000 in debt. The older patrons of RG’s Lounge typically order water which obviously generates no profit. Therefore, a younger crowd need for the bar to succeed. In addition, the kitchen and bar staff needs to be trained and their stations cleaned thoroughly. If the brothers do not put an end to their fighting and learn how to communicate, their business is done for.

The staff at RG’s has become complacent; in order to shake this feeling, Taffer brings in three young bartenders to pressure the women behind the bar to elevate their skills. Since the employees take their instructions rather well, Taffer focuses on the largest and seemingly impossible problem to solve - Rick and Randy‘s relationship. Finally, the brothers suck up their differences and agreed to work together and work towards the relationship they once had.

In the end, RG’s Lounge was transformed into BARcode, an interactive sports bar complete with multiple TVs and video game systems. The staff exuded excitement for the relaunch and Rick and Randy communicated well while working together. Six weeks after the relaunch, BARcode’s food and drink sales have gone up 37% and the twins’ relationship has greatly improved.

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